Stamped Overlay

Stamped concrete overlay is a great way to resurface your existing outdoor concrete into a thing of beauty. There are many options available to choose from, you can make it look like wood, brick, tile, texture or even something a bit more custom. It’s a great way to make new and existing concrete match so it’s all one piece. Did you recently have foundation repair done to your home concrete? Now you have ugly patches? Well stamped overlay is a great way to repair those areas.

Before and After Pictures of Recent Projects



Added to your existing concrete patio and now one area looks different than the other? No problem we can fix that for you, choose from one of many stamp patterns or textures and lets resurface the area with stamped overlay.


Your concrete is in good condition but want to give it a new look? Work with us, go over ideas on how we can get this done for you.


As tough as concrete is, it can get damaged by fires and left with ugly burn marks. Have it resurfaced to its former glory or opt for stamped overlay for a fantastic look.