Coating & Garage Floors

Epoxy and Urethane coatings are heavy duty coatings used in garages, hangers, offices or even business stores. Epoxy can be combines with vinyl acrylic chips for maximum endurance. The vinyl acrylic chips come in various colors and color schemes. Like a high gloss artistic floor, mix metallic pigment with epoxy and get a truly unique look. The urethane clear coat provides stain and scratch protection.

If you want to protect your garage from oil stains and tire marks, epoxy with vinyl acrylic chips is a great choice. It is so durable that it’s even used in hangers.

Epoxy with a clear coat is great for storage, warehouse and cold storage areas with high foot traffic. Very popular for residential and commercial use.

Metallic epoxy is absolutely beautiful and sure to impress. Can be applied in a residential home for a modern high gloss floor look or it can be applied at a coffee shop or bar area.