Cleaning and Re-sealing

Decorative concrete floors need maintenance like any other floor, in most cases a moist mop will do the trick. Although with time the sealer will start to wear down, this is bad for decorative concrete floors as most have some type of color that is being protected by the sealer. Without the sealer the color may fade, change colors, get dirt stains, if water soaks in and sits for many days it can really ruin your floor.  We use heavy duty pressure washers with pro grade attachments to remove stains. We only use high quality solvent and water based sealers.

Sometimes a good clean and reseal is all a floor needs but in this case where so many layers of sealer had built up over the years it needed to be stripped and resealed. Only add more sealer if the floor really needs it.

Solvent acrylic sealer is ideal for outdoor use as it repels water and is more durable. Sometimes companies will apply the wrong type of sealer and it can result in a floor that keeps turning foggy or white. In some cases the customer looses faith that a reseal will fix the issue as every time that the floor is resealed it turns white again in a matter of days or weeks. Sometimes they are right and the sealer needs to be stripped off with industrial grade stripper and only then can the issue truly be resolved and the floor can be resealed.