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Flores Decorative Concrete provides decorative concrete services such as acid staining, decorative overlays, resurfacing, polished concrete, scoring custom designs and epoxy coatings in the DFW area.

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Decorative concrete can transform walkways, patios, and driveways. Boring gray concrete is a thing of the past and can now be molded into a stunning look and eye-catching design. Remodeling with stamped overlay will add value to your home or office while being very cost-effective. Decorative concrete has a beautiful presentation, low maintenance requirements, and is highly durable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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Concrete Staining

Elevate Your Surfaces with Acid Stained Concrete At Flores Decorative Concrete, we take pride in transforming ordinary concrete surfaces into captivating works of art with our expert concrete staining services. Concrete staining is a versatile and popular technique that allows us to enhance the appearance of your floors, patios, driveways, and more, providing a durable…
Stamped Concrete

Cleaning and Re-sealing

Concrete surfacing is one of the most durable flooring solutions available today. Though very low maintenance, your concrete floor does require some care. The type and frequency of care is largely dependent upon the specific concrete application, the level of traffic and the environment, namely indoor versus outdoor. Concrete Cleaning and Maintenance Basic maintenance involves…
metallic epoxy

Garage Floor Coating

Epoxy and Urethane coatings can increase the durability of your garage, warehouse, or other high-traffic floorspace. Importantly, such surfacing brings a non-slip component to flooring adding a degree of safety to the workspace. This flooring reflects light which can brighten up the environment. These garage floor coatings can significantly upgrade the look of a space…
Concrete Scoring

Concrete Scoring

Concrete scoring is the process of using scoring machines and grinders to etch designs and patterns into concrete. Once complete, the patterns and designs can be stained to blend or contrast with their surrounding areas. Scoring can bring unique design elements to your home or business. Scored flooring can provide the look of a more…
Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete

Transform Your Outdoor Space with Our Custom Stamped Concrete At Flores Decorative Concrete, we offer a wide range of stamped concrete services to enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space. Our team of skilled craftsmen have years of experience in creating custom stamped concrete designs that are both visually appealing and durable. Stamped concrete…
Micro Toppings & Skim Coats

Micro Toppings & Skim Coats

Microtoppings or skim coats are type of overlay with a much finer sand mix. Want to give concrete floors a face lift?  They can be used over existing concrete or overlay surfaces to give them a smooth look and feel. After resurfacing with concrete overlay the feel and finish isn’t always smooth enough for some…
Micro Toppings


Overlays are used for resurfacing existing concrete floors. It’s a great material to resurface pea gravel, chipped concrete (not cracked), rough concrete or even an existing decorative concrete floor. With so many brands available, we only use the brands of the highest quality that have been tested and used in the homes of the Flores…

Polished Concrete

Transform Your Space with the Durability of Polished Concrete! Polished concrete flooring continues to grow in demand, and for reasons we can all appreciate. These floors are beautiful, affordable, low maintenance and incredibly durable. Homeowners and business owners alike are finding the function and style they seek with polished concrete.  Flores Decorative Concrete knows concrete,…

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